Read My Subconscious Mind: Camping Island

I am on a beautiful island. The beach has fine white sand, and the water is very clear and the reflection of the sun glimmers with its sky-blue waves. In the distance, there is an islet so green, apparently untainted by human intervention. I’d like to go and relax there.

I look around and see some churchmates — Abie, Cla, Pastor Jon. I wonder why we are here. Are we doing a youth camp? I can’t seem to remember.

I ask some of the locals about the fun things we can do here. They tell me about a canyoneering spot on the other side of the island. But I would have to go around, through an obstacle course and rappelling down a waterfall. Wow! Even better!

I go to my friends and tell them about this. They look hyped about it, but we have to set up for the camp first. Oh, it is a camp.

Hours pass like seconds, and it is already dark. I’m afraid there won’t be any canyoneering today.

The night again passes so fast it seems to be just a few seconds. We set out for the other side of the island first thing in the morning.

The first challenge in the obstacle course is riding a motocross bike across a racetrack. Abie goes first. Then Cla. Then Jen. Now it is Doms’ turn. But he tells me he doesn’t know how to drive a motorcycle. So I teach him, emphasizing the importance of stepping on the clutch before shifting gears and that the gas handle should be turned carefully. Otherwise he would fall.

So he went off, not turning the handle carefully. He sped off. I anticipated his fall and prepared myself to be ready to help him if anything happens, but somehow he managed to gain control over the bike. Good for him!

I turn around and have my turn to ride a motorcycle, but I come back to a long line of people who want to do the challenge. And they already have their own motorcycles. So I go to the back and wait in line.

I realize that this is going to be a long wait. So I decide to skip this part of the dream. I did not know I could do that. But I did.

I skip to the next day, and we are about to check out from our cabins. I walk outside of our building. To the left, there is a building blocking the view of the beach behind it. To my right there is a dirt road which is now flowing with water. Yes, flowing with water. I remember the locals telling me that this road actually gets filled with water during high tide.

Julia and Angela ask me about the geography of Dumaguete (which was apparently where we were). I respond to Angela in Ilocano. While telling them about the neighboring islands, I wasn’t sure. So I tell them to wait here and run back to my room. I take my phone. I might as well take my bag since we are about to checkout anyway. I open Google Earth on my phone and zoom in for Dumaguete’s neighboring islands.

I get back to the front yard of the building, but Julia and Angela aren’t there anymore. So I go to Lem and Allan, who are standing by that building that’s blocking the beach view. As I approach, I see that the inside of the room is air conditioned and the cool air is leaking out through a hole in the window cover. Lem and Allan are just enjoying the leaking cool air.

I continue to view our geography with Google Earth, and I am surprised to see how near we are to Davao. I jokingly say to Lem and Allan, “Tara Davao”, but Lem doesn’t take it as a joke. He starts to go on about how we don’t have the time and the money to go there.

At this point, I again decide to skip to the part where we are in the airport. By the entrance, there is an umbrella hanging rack which, by presidential decree, should only contain a maximum of six umbrellas. I hang something in a plastic bag on that umbrella hanging rack.

I enter a room which seems to be a classroom. My teacher in fifth grade, Ma’am Cora, is teaching a class of about ten students. She is teaching them a song — an Elder Scrolls song. I listen to the song and read as the lyrics are flashed on the screen. I don’t seem to remember this song from the Elder Scrolls games I have played. Perhaps it is from Morrowind or Daggerfall.

The song ends and I find out that the song is called The Hero of the Vale. The screen projects the album cover showing a sepia image of a side view of an old bald man. On the bottom left of the image, the title of the song and the year it was released (2000) is printed in white italic letters.

The credits start and the Oblivion theme is played as the background music. I turn to EG and ask him if he finds the song familiar. Back when we were roommates, he would find it annoying whenever I play the Morrowind main theme (which sounds like the Oblivion main theme). He replies with a firm “yes”, clearly expressing his annoyance.

Jessa then tells us that the others are having lunch at the airport cafeteria. I look out the window and I see it — the cafeteria. It is a cozy open-air hut by the beach. And I see some of our friends taking their seats.

We go join them.

Then I woke up.


I think. I write. I upload, sometimes.

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